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10 reasons why you should choose Kosovo as your outreach location

Written by Dorina Betz

1.Friendly people

In Kosovo you will meet lots of friendly people who know what hospitality and generosity mean. Whether they invite you to their home, treat you for a coffee or cook dinner for you, Kosovars know how to express their love and appreciation to you. This country has a very warm culture in which people are open and relationships highly valued. They welcome you with open hearts and houses and make you feel like home. Furthermore, they are very polite, courteous and always willing to help.

2. Lifestyle

In Kosovo you will find a more relaxed lifestyle than in many other European countries. Come and breathe in this unique culture that celebrates music, dancing, coffee and fellowship. Whether in the homes, cafés, restaurants, shops or even in the office, there’s music all around expressing the attitude of the people to enjoy life even though they don’t have much.

3. Coffee Culture

Drinking Coffee is the most important tradition of the Kosovars. There’s barely a day they will not be going into the café. There are plenty of beautiful, fancy and exciting cafés all around. If you’re not into coffee you can also go for very delicious tea, e.g. Çai Rusi for less than 1€.

4. Delicious Food

Kosovo is the best place to eat very affordable and good food. You can get lunch for not more than 2-3 Euros. Try traditional Albanian dishes like Fli, Byrek, Pite, Sandwiches and much more. You can also find good Turkish, American, Chinese, Thai or Italian food and sweets. 

5. Great Ministries

Kosovo is a great place to minister and be used by God. You will serve in cooperation with our partner organizations. We are working together with a lot of different organizations and churches here in Kosovo. You will be involved in lots of different kinds of ministries like street evangelism, kids ministry, prayer and worship ministry, practical work and ministries in the Roma community.

6. Nice spots

You will be staying at our YWAM Base in Pristina. Pristina is a city full of life, cafés and people. There are lots of beautiful places to visit in Pristina as well as many nice spots and things to do in Kosovo. Check out the list of The Top 10 of Kosovo.

7. A country in need of Jesus

Kosovo is so in need of Jesus. With 37% of the population living with less than 2€ per day it is one of the poorest countries of Europe. 95% of the Kosovars are Muslim, however most of them do not practice their faith. Only a very small number of Christians can be found throughout the country. Furthermore, the people are suffering under corruption, unemployment and a lack of perspective. Thus, ethnic minorities like Roma face huge discrimination in Kosovo. The people need the hope and light of Jesus in their lives and their hearts. This country is a huge mission field.

8. Comfortable base

We’ve got a comfortable base where you can feel absolutely home. Our base is equipped with everything you need: two dorm-style rooms for 4 and 5 persons respectively, an open-plan lounge with an equipped kitchenette, a shared bathroom, free wifi and a washing machine.

9. Young people everywhere

Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe therefore you will find young people everywhere and it’s easy to connect to them. They are very open and love to get to know you.

10. Beautiful nature

Even though Kosovo might not be a famous tourist destination it is indeed a beautiful country where you can experience a beautiful nature. You will find mountains and hills all around as well as some caves, lakes and waterfalls.

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